One-component diet

In recent years a cleansing diet has become very popular. It is intended to remove from the body of accumulated toxins in it. One of such diets is the one-component diet , also called mono diet.

It is a diet which consists eating only one product. Of course, it can not be any product, but it should be a diet product. This can be a fruit or vegetable, such as orange, apple, watermelon, carrots or cabbage.

Popular are also mono diets in which the product is consumed cereals, yogurt or rice. One-component diet is also sometimes treated as a slimming diet. It is true that one of the consequences of its use is to reduce body weight, but should not be the main purpose of such a diet. This is due to the fact that the it is secure only if it does not last more than a few days. Maximum time is the use of one week. A food product can not provide all the nutrients your body needs. The long use of mono diet would result in health problems. However, it is treated as a mono diet access to a proper dieting.


If you decide to use a mono diet, you should choose a food product that you really like. Otherwise, to persevere on this diet for a few days can be very difficult. On the other hand, we must reckon with the fact that eating constantly one product may cause the stops to like him.