Light and healthy salads

Very often among the healthiest foods are mentioned salads. It is worth noting that this is a big simplification, because not all salads are light and healthy dishes.


First of all, remember that vegetables lose a significant portion of valuable vitamins and minerals during cooking. The healthiest are therefore salads. If the salad is made from cooked vegetables, better solution would be steaming.

Another important issue is the sauces. People often add to the salad mayonnaise or other fatty sauces, what makes that the dishes can not be called a diet or healthy. Fortunately, these additives can be replaced with light sauces, prepared, for example, on the basis of natural yogurt.

At the same time it is worth noting additives in meat and vegetable salads. Many people choose to add meat to vegetables to the dish was more nutritious. But it is worth considering what kind of meat can be used in salad to not become fattening. A good solution can be white, lean meat, but much worse will be the addition of, for example, pieces of ham.


It is also worth to mention about reasonable seasoning vegetable salad. Instead of a large amount of unhealthy salt and pepper it is better to use fresh or dried herbs. Such a salad sure to be healthy and still very tasty.