A healthy diet and supplementation

There is no doubt that the most important source of all nutrients should be healthy food. Many people think that the use of a proper diet makes all the supplements unnecessary. But others argue that such preparations are essential for human health. It is worth to think about who is right.

At teh beginning we should paid attention to the results of research on the shortage of vitamins and minerals. They indicate that these problems involve a large part of society. Deficiencies are often detected also in those people who have expressed a belief that they applied a healthy diet. The reasons here are primarily the lack of sufficient knowledge on healthy eating, as well as various factors that increase the nutritional requirements or hindering their absorption.

Supplementation allows to avoid serious health deficiencies. It is recommended especially to people who need more vitamins and minerals, such as athletes. It should also be noted that there are situations when it is necessary to eliminate certain foods, for example due to illness. Then you need to take care of it, to otherwise provide the body with vitamins and minerals. Complexes of vitamins and minerals are the best solution.


Of course, the use of such preparations do not mean that you can attach less importance to proper nutrition. Without a proper diet good health is impossible.