Dietary amaranths

Those who try to live a healthy life and follow a proper diet, often wonder how to prepare nutritional, yet tasty sweets. Very good proposal are, for example amaranths.

To prepare this dish you need the following ingredients: a half cup of amaranth expanded, half a cup of grated coconut, a dozen dried dates, one ripe banana, an egg and a glass of your favorite nuts and seeds, such as sesame or poppy.


Preparing the cookies is quick and easy, so even people who do not have special culinary skills will cope with that. First, chop the dates very finely. You can make it easier mixing them with a blender. The next step is to mix the mashed bananas. In the case of the other ingredients you do not have to do anything. Just mix them with prepared earlier dates, and bananas.

Then you can already begin to form small cakes.


Then prepare a baking sheet. It is the best to put a baking paper on it. If the weight is not sticky, instead of modeling cookies can be stacked it with a spoon on a baking sheet and flattened by fingers.


Next put cookies in the oven. A proper temperature is 180 degrees of Celsius, while the baking time is 15 minutes, whereby after half that time biscuits should be turned to the other side.
So prepared amaranths will certainly taste good and do not casue any health problems.