A healthy diet and stimulants

More and more attention is paid to a healthy diet, which is essential for maintaining good health. Not infrequently, however, there are some concerns associated with healthy eating. They concern, among others, stimulants, which some people consider as being unacceptable, while others say they can be used in moderate amounts.

It is impossible to give a single answer regaridng all stimulants. Because the situation is different in the case of coffee and alcohol, and otherwise in the case of tobacco.

The issue of tobacco seems clear. Smoking contributes to the development of many major diseases including cancer. Harmful to health are also electronic cigarettes, although their manufacturers shall ensure that it is a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

The safest stimulant is coffee. Attributed to its negative properties they have been challenged in recent years by scientists. Drinking moderate amounts of coffee does not have a bad effect on our body, so no need to abandon it completely, only to be careful not to exceed the safe dose.

In the case of alcohol, total elimination is almost discouraged. It has been shown that moderate amounts of certain wines have a beneficial effect on health. This applies in particular red wine, which not without reason is compulsory in some countries, in addition to the dinner.


A healthy diet should mean giving up some drugs, and reducing other. Note, however, that not only drugs are harmful, but also chemical additives in food.